“He hopes (that) he could hold on to the temple culture to stay in the world.”

Mr. Lin Fujun was born in 1938 in Donggang Town, Pingtung County, learned to repair the house with his father and older brothers in his early years, as known as the cementer.
After the end of the army, he was 23 years old (1961), and he built the first temple in Pingtung County, Zhutian Township, and then began building temple. He has been about 60 years of practical experience, from an early age of special interest in art, and now he is engaged in the creation of large-scale cement art.

The persistence of the cement figurines

When he was young, he was the paste decoration of temple master, ceramics. He broke glass and other materials to make dragons, characters, pagodas and other temple works of art on the temple roof, this process needs to stay on the top of the temple for a long time to work, and he worried to drink too much water, and he could not allow to go to the toilet. That would also delay the time of God. His godly spirit and creation are really admirable.

Historical roots & Future prospects

After learning the craft techniques and building temples for many years of practical experience, he also began to design his own composition, from scratch to complete the construction of a temple. Although he is not a professional examiner of the architect, his team can complete all the work, such as the temple’s foundation, the temple’s body blank, the temple's shrines, the float case, the finch legs, and the angles, etc.


Then he changed to way to build the temple, and moved to the factory to produce the small and medium-sized temples because of his growing age, and his physical strength is not as good as before. Therefore, he moved the outdoor temple construction method to the factory production, and produce the small and medium-sized temples. He builds temple modular in the factory, so some older temple masters could work in the factory, and also to provide opportunities to them. Moreover, let the nearby farm children have a place to learn temple construction technology. Lin said: "He wants to use his way to keep temple culture in the world."

Inherited from the past

Photo source / Mirror Media

- 1971 Participated in the construction of the current site of the Yu-Huang Temple in Pingtung City, Pingtung County.

- 1971 Participated in the construction of the Si Fang Dao Tan Temple in Wanluan Township, Pingtung County.

- 1976 Participated in the construction of the Dragon Tiger Tunnel Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City.

- 1976 Participated in the reconstruction of Nan An Temple in Nanzhou Township, Pingtung County.

- 1982 Participated in the reconstruction of the San Long Palace in Donggang Town, Pingtung County.

- 2006 Nanzhou Fuk Tak Temple is the last temple built outside by Lin Fujun in recent years.

- 2006 CaiFu ( of MediaTry Chairman Cai Mingjie) commissioned Master Lin to rebuild Ford.