Distinctive Chinese

Artistic Architecture

Notable Brand of Temple Building – CHUANSO Artwork

In memory of parents, the CEO of CHUANSO Artwork, Lin Fu-Chun named the company after their name, Mr. LIN CHUAN, and Ms. LIU SO.

Building Temple Diligently, Passing on the tradition of Artistic Architecture

CHUANSO Artwork has gone from small houses, Kong-Ming stoves, ceramic kilns, temple fragmented art to develop our own molds of varieties for decades. To provide fast and convenient service to modern busy customers, we have precast cement products such as ghost money burner, Earth God temple … etc. Customers can know product appearance and function in advance.

Safe and Solid Building

Cement is recognized as one of the solidest and safest building materials and it’s the basic material of our products. CHUANSO provides precast cement products and the main structure is made of ready mixed concrete with strength of 280kg/cm2 - 315kg/cm2The products are welded with reinforcing steel together integrated as a whole. The products will be hoisted and constructed on construction site after integrated production maintenance.

Building Temple Diligently,Passing on the tradition of Artistic Architecture

Unlike traditional method, customers can see the appearance and function of target product at CHUANSO. The appearance of our products is artistic and keeps Chinese traditional style. Besides, our products are integrated formed. It is not only movable but also passes the difficulties during transportation. It is solid, so the construction can be done swiftly to save labor cost and time for customers.


Our Insistence

It’s our sincere desire to build safe, solid and sumptuous artwork and promote it in every corner of the world.