16.20 (Meter Square) color

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16.20 (Meter Square) color
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Gt. Wt.: front top 3,000kg + back top 7,200kg + main body15,800kg=26,000kg
Size: W 2.41m * L 5.65m * H4.09m
  • The top of the temple is made by cement sculpture.
  • Colored wall
  • Cement table and the top of the table with stone material
  • Dragon pillar
  • Roof tiles on the top of the temple
  • Lucky decorations on the top of the temple
※It is made up in the factory, and the structure of the main body is made by 280kg/cm2~315kg/cm2 concrete,
    and all steels bars of inside of the main body are welded by welding rods.
※Product integration: It could be moved to different places later.
    The couplet and words of the temple could be changed according to different temples.
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