48.60 (Meter Square) color

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48.60 (Meter Square) color
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Gt. Wt.: ridge 2,000kg + front top 15,000kg + back top 25,000kg + main body 47,000kg =89,000kg

Size: W 4.27m * L 8.87m * H 7.93m
  • The top of the temple is made by cement sculpture.
  • Colored wall
  • Cement table and the top of the table with stone material
  • Dragon pillar
  • Roof tiles on the top of the temple
  • Lucky decorations on the top of the temple
※It is made up in the factory, and the structure of the main body is made by 280kg/cm2~315kg/cm2 concrete,
    and all steels bars of inside of the main body are welded by welding rods.
※Product integration: It could be moved to different places later.
    The couplet and words of the temple could be changed according to different temples.
※Quick construction (one day only). Reduce labor and time cost
※Simple, quick, low cost and high quality are the characters of this product.
    Also, it reduces the pressure of the person in charge.
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