height: 1.96 m (ID:0.60 m) color

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height: 1.96 m (ID:0.60 m) color
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Gt. Wt.: 1.8T

The surface: hexagon

The inside of the burner ID: 0.63m

The outside of the burner is made by 280kg/cm2 concrete, and its structure is welded by steel bars together. 
    The cement wall could be colored or be pasted flagstone. Choose whatever you like.

The inside of the burner is made by firebricks, stone bricks that could stop the heat and fireproof cotton.
     All of materials are fire-resistance.

 It could make paper money burned totally. The smoke would not blow out from the door
    and the door would be blackened by smoke. The paper money would not be accumulated and smoldered.
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