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2013-01-19Five Advantages
Five Adventages
  1. Artistic Productions
Past: The surface of a small temple and burner may be dull and unexciting
Now: All of our productions carve artistically.
  1. Break through the limited time
Past: It may take four to six months to build a small or medium temple
Now: We just need “One” day to build it in the work place
  1. Cost down
Past: To build a burner or a temple needs a lot of expense
Now: You could decrease around the one third of the budget
  1. Quakeproof and Fire-resistant Design
Past: A burner or a temple was built by bricks. Normally, there is no quakeproof design.
Now: The structure of our products is integral. We use steel reinforcing bars, 280kg/cm2 concrete, refractory bricks and refractory cotton. It can be moved and quakeproof. Our burner is heat-resistant and artistic.
  1. Unhindered convection
Past: An old burner may be easy to cause air pollution and be dangerous for users
Now: The convection of our burners is unhindered, and paper money would fly to the burner automatically. It is useful and not dangerous.  
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