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Management Philosophy
The company's name, Chuanso was named by the CEO of the company, Lin Fu-Chun, in order to commemorate his parents, Mr.Lin-Chuan and Mrs.Liu-So.
We have had lots of experience of building temple, temple’s arts, temple's burner, and cement carving products since 1993. The features of the products are able to move, integrated and sturdy. We use concrete that is one of the common and stable materials for building to precast the products in the factory. They could be moved to the workplace and be installed in one day.
Development Vision
In more than two decades, the main project of CHUANSO is to develop precast concrete products such as temples, burners, and we also develop eco-friendly equipment on the burners. CHUNASO expects to inheritance the construction techniques of precast concrete products, to provide friendly and convenient service, and to promote them to everywhere. That is CHUANSO’s sincerely wish.

Professional Skills
CHUANSO with excellent production technology, we developed unique pre-cast concrete products, production of small to large weight can be up to forty tons of cement works of art. Moreover, CHUANSO won the "National Quality Award" and a number of patents, and certainly in the building the field of efforts.
The shape and function of the products could be known in advance by the customers. The concrete strength of the products is 280kg/ cm² (4000psi) ~350kg/ cm² (5000psi), and the reinforced structure of them is welded together. The products are integrated, so they could be suspensory and moved. They won’t be changed shape or be destroyed through the process of the sending products to the workplace, and the shape of them is artistic. The construction period in the workplace takes only one or several days. It is fast, so the customers could reduce the cost of labors and time.

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